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If you have ever organized a large event, you know that wristbands can make a difference with security and sales. It’s easier for staff to recognize who should and who should not be in the venue, and concession lines just seem to move along more quickly. If you want to step it up a notch, custom event wristbands are the way to go! By customizing event wristbands, you can give security, sales and your brand a real boost.
Custom event wristbands can be imprinted with unique art or text. Even photographs can be imprinted on custom event wristbands, so feel free to use your imagination!Here are a few effective ideas:
·         Logos
·         Taglines
·         Coupons
·         Bar codes
·         Website addresses
·         Quick response (QR) codes
The benefits of custom event wristbands are plentiful. Let's talk security first. Party crashers—nobody likes them. Party crashers are burdensome. They put a dent in profitability and are a security risk.Custom even wristbands enable staff toidentify authorized guests and personnel quickly and easily. Coming in a variety of colors, you can have distinguishing text imprinted, such as “VIP” or “STAFF.” You can also imprint the date of the event. This is especially effective if the event has multiple dates—each requiring separate tickets. With just a quick glance, security staff can identify other staff members, VIP's and otherticket holders.
Another advantage of custom event wristbands is that it helps your security staff spot any fake wristbands. People may get the idea to go to a party store and purchase generic wristbands in an attempt to get into an event for free. Custom event wristbands dim that bright idea quickly.
Now, let's talk sales growth. Will alcohol be served? You can speed up concession stand lines to increase sales if you imprint “Over 21” on guests who are of legal drinking age. When guests arrive, have greeters check IDs upon entry. If guest is verified to be age 21 or over, an Over 21 custom event wristband can be applied to their wrist.
If you would like to provide some incentive for purchases, you can imprint special offers directly on custom event wristbands, like “2-for-1 sodas” or “buy a t-shirt, get a free cap.” A strong call to action is sure to boost sales.
Custom event wristbands provide an opportunity to sell advertising space. Partnering with corporate sponsorsand having their logos imprinted on custom event wristbands will not only cover the cost, but might also generate surplus revenue. Let's say you are hosting a post-race nightcelebration for athletes. You could get sponsorship from a sporting goods store who may want to have their logo imprinted. Maybe they also want to include a promotion like, “show us your wristband, get 20% off purchase.” It’s an excellent opportunity for companies to reach a highly targeted audience.
Last, but not least, custom event wristbands provide a unique way to heighten brand awareness and build customer loyalty. People tend to wear their custom event wristbands for days, weeks—event months—after the event is over. It often brings a smile to their face as they remember the great time they had your event. Custom event wristbands imprinted with cool logos or catchy taglineswill catch the eye of friends and strangers alike. Your guests become a walking, talking mini billboard.
Custom event wristbands can also be a catalyst for social media activity. Get your guests talking on Facebook or Twitter about the great time they had at your event. They can “check in” or post photos with their family and friends. Include a website on the custom event wristband so that guests can post links directly to the website of your company, products or causes.
Another great promotional idea is imprinting quick response (QR) codes. These little two-dimensional barcodes, which can be accessed on-the-go by people with Smart phones, can contain exclusiveinformation, offers, and freebies. With QR codes imprinted on   
Custom Wristbands, you can offer almost anything from discounted tickets for upcoming events to buy-one-get-one-free dinners. They can link to anything from a continuously updated playlist at a DJ night to an updated schedule of seminars at a tradeshow or all-day conference.
The benefits the custom event wristbands offer seems to be endless. Not only are they practical, but also fun. It’s hard to beat that combination. If you are looking for a way to boost sales, security and brand awareness, custom event wristbands are just the ticket!